f you are in the second or third year of managing your business, you can focus on new things that can affect your revenue. Think about why some companies have surprisingly good annual growth, while others fail in two years or less.

There are a number of factors that contribute towards making a company successful like digital marketing and social media optimization. Effective lead generation is one of the best marketing strategies used by successful companies.

Here are 5 effective strategies companies use for lead generation

#1 Use Catchy Headlines

Using catchy headlines is one of the most effective ways companies generate leads. In most cases, catchy headlines are a good attention grabber for any user that comes on your website. Search engines like Google have users which are attracted to posts with catchy headlines. Moreover, if you have a catchy title, users may click on it and read the entire text. However, you must make sure the address matches the information in the text. Otherwise, users will leave as soon as the link is opened. This is called “Click-bait”. This is when a brand uses a catchy title just to sell something. People are turned off by these tactics so if you do use catchy titles, make sure that you have good value content following it as well.

#2 Contribute to Successful Sites

It is not about advertising the services and products of other companies. It’s more about becoming a freelance writer for some well-known blogs or websites. Huffington Post, Forbes, the New York Times and others are looking for eligible candidates year-round. You can also contribute to some popular YouTube channels by recording shorts videos. Collaboration like this leads to both brands to have a huge exposure. People who trust known labels will also start to trust you.

#3 Optimize Your Website

As more and more people begin to visit websites using their mobile devices and tablets, you should consider optimizing your website content to display correctly on all type of devices. You need to hire experts who know how to optimize your website in a very safe way. This will lead to your business getting leads from users who solely explore websites on their phones.

#4 Word of Mouth

No matter how far companies go in terms of technology, the technique of speaking correctly is always effective. Motivate consumers to experiment more with products in which people generally buy the same things as their relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. Consider creative wordof-mouth campaigns using a decision matrix, etc. Word of mouth marketing will always be the most effective strategy. But, if you start to market strategically using word-of-mouth marketing and digital marketing together, your business will consistently get leads at all times everyday.

#5 Make Convincing Stories

People tend to believe in the effectiveness of certain services or goods by hearing about their results from the other users. You can leave comments on your website from the customer’s name, which explains how the service or product provided by that user has been helpful.

You can share successes and failures because both are important to create credibility for your brand. Think about the problems that contemporary people can face and that your business can help them solve. Force the audience to react and give your services or products a try. By increasing your engagement, you will surely increase your sales.

There may be hundreds, if not thousands, of companies doing the same thing as you. To resist the competition, you need to consider a special offer which will make you look more attractive to your customers than other companies working in the same domain. In general, lead generation strategies guarantee quick and long term revenue growth if they are done correcly.