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Capital One is one of the largest banks founded 30 years ago in Richmond, Virginia. It’s services include personal banking, credit options, car loans, and savings plans for its customers. With an approximate 755 branches, the bank has made its way onto the Fortune 500 list. It’s rise to excellence is owed to the introduction of the credit card in the early 90s and has also become a major car financing company in the United States. Capital One has become synonymous with giving back and runs various social programs including its support for digital education. Capital One Canada has developed initiatives to help Canadians succeed with credit and progress forward.

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The Challenge

The challenge was to create a quiz that users could participate in with a budget calculator and a spinning wheel which would be created off the wireframes discovered on Envato. Customers would be required to work through the survey. These results had to be connected to a database in which the information could be collected for further analytical purposes by Capital One.


To create an interactive and easy to use survey in which Capital One and other customers could learn about debt and credit statistics. The survey was meant to be fun while being informative and collect data from the relevant users that the banking company could incorporate in its future campaigns.

The Solution

Engage the customers through an interactive quiz which is formatted like a survey. This allowed Capital One to better understand their customer base which further helps them cater products that are matched according to each customers needs. Overall this drove their engagement higher than it has been with past campaigns while Capital One learned more about their customers needs. This also helps them guides their customers accordingly with new products as they are now aware of what the customer has and what they want.

How Capital One was developed @ Digital Genie

We Created a Survey in the form of a Quiz.

This survey taken online made customers answer the multiple choice questions and then move onto the next question until they exit the survey. The stats obtained from the quiz has made a significant transformation in the Capital One marketing approach helping the bank learn the average customer knowledge base concerning credit in Canada. It is very important to lead the charge and further educate customers with Financial Literacy. We are glad that Capital One engaged with their customers and got amazing response back as well.

CAPITAL ONE at a glance

Capital One Credit Awareness Week required an appealing platform that would encourage customers to interact in its Credit Education Week Survey. This is an exciting opportunity for clients to learn about the current debt status among mortgage and non-mortgage debts. Financial Literacy is very important and we want to be the bank behind informing individuals by educating them.