Global Footwear Brand


Wolverine Brands includes a portfolio of reputable brands like Saucony, Sperry, Merrel, Hush Puppies, Keds, CAT Footwear. The goal for Wolverine was to provide these businesses the platform and branding infrastructure needed to expand. The company was founded in 1883 with the purpose of creating and presenting high quality brands to the world. Having expanded across 200 countries, the company invests in the creation of good clothes and quality apparel for the masses.

Serving a Diverse Range
of Customers Nationwide

Digital Genie, have been leveraging digital services to the corporate sector as well as SMEs and Professionals since 2016.

The Challenge

The challenge was to capture the essence of the brand while delivering website templates, GIF pages and online product launch pages for their Canada and UK based platforms, customers and shareholders.


Wolverine Brands spans across 200 locations globally. They needed to develop a revamped campaign launch which included a website, GIF pages and landing pages for their newly launched products.

The Solution

We helped them improve their branding and customer retention by developing new templates for their Canadian websites. This helped them transition their digital presence to a modern theme which complements the UI/UX component of their customer journey for the users that navigate through their website.

Custom Digital Solution

To attract existing and new consumers of various shoe brands like Merrell®, Sperry®, Hush Puppies®, Saucony®, Wolverine®, Keds®, Stride Rite®, Sebago®, Chaco®, Bates®, HYTEST®, and Soft Style® to the new and upcoming styles. The solution was focused around launching an appealing template targeting the Canadian and UK market on the website through engaging GIFs, improved branding, and interactive videos.

How Wolverine Worldwide was developed @ Digital Genie

We assisted with the launch of their KEDS website in Canada.

Our approach for their UK requirement was to launch their Video and GIF pages with measurable results. Our creative team helped them manage the landing and story pages for their newly launched products to appeal to the masses and the clothing market.
We proudly continue to provide consultancy for efficient SEO and SMO strategy assisting in maintaining their page rank and continuing to appeal to their customers through innovative marketing strategies.